2020 Video Game Accessibility Awards Announced

As December approaches we’re getting near video game award season, with various sites giving their Game of the Year awards and Geoff Keighley set to host a virtual presentation of The Game Awards. Before all of that, though, the accessibility organization AbleGamers hosted its 2020 Video Games Accessibility Awards, honoring the games and studios that did the most to make their games available to all types of players.

The presentation was hosted by Alanah Pearce and AbleGamers’ Steve Spohn, with a panel of presenters including several Twitch streamers, fellow accessibility advocates, and voice actor Troy Baker. The awards included categories like “Same Controls But Different” and “Clear Text.”

The presenters each gave a brief explanation of the category, and then following each announcement Spohn walked viewers through how each category solves for a specific accessibility problem. For example the Second Channel category, which was won by The Last of Us Part 2, honored games that offered an alternative or additional way of accessing game information for players who can’t access it through the in-game tools.

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