Hitman 3 Progress Transfer Site Isn’t Working On Launch Day


Fans of the Hitman franchise were ready to shave their heads and don the suit of their favorite genetically-engineered assassin for the release of Hitman 3 today, but they’ve run into a nasty snag. The site that developer IO Interactive set up to allow players to carry over their progress from the previous games in the World of Assassination trilogy isn’t working, and that’s leading some fans to declare their frustration on social media.

While it might seem like a matter of simple patience, it’s actually a lot more unfortunate than it sounds. Since the site overwrites your Hitman 3 save as part of the transfer process, players are essentially having to choose between forgoing transferring their progress from previous games or sacrificing any they make in Hitman 3 when the carry over site begins working again. That means some fans might make the decision to treat launch day as a trial run for the game, since they know that any progress they make will soon be nuked.

Hitman 3’s launch was previously overshadowed by a minor controversy when IO Interactive announced that PC players wouldn’t be able to play the levels from Hitman 1 and 2 within Hitman 3 without paying an additional fee. Console players were exempt from this fee. However, IO quickly backtracked, saying that PC players will be able to access the levels for free, although they’re still working on the specifics.

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