8 Terrifying Gaming Moments We Can’t Unsee


From Dead Space 2’s eye gouging, to P.T.’s beauty queen Lisa, Kurt breaks down 8 of gaming’s most terrifying moments you wish you forgot.

With Resident Evil Village right around the corner, Kurt Indovina thought it’d be a good time to go over some horrifying moments in games that most of us wish we could unsee. 

Unlike movies, horror in games just hit different. Whether it’s tip-toeing around Jack Baker in Resident Evil 7 or scrambling to look away from Lisa in P.T., spooky moments in games are escalated by having a controller in your hands. Some games are a bit more psychological about it, like Eternal Darkness, which draws its horror from toying with a gamer’s deepest paranoias. Or in the case of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, it’s in showing less is actually a whole lot more terrifying.

So join Kurt as he details the 8 scariest moments in games that made us squirm, screech, and flail in fright.

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