New Warframe Content Coming In February And Possibly March


Some new Warframe content is coming to all platforms this February and sometime in or after March, including two new Frames, a Valentine’s Day event, and permanent cosmetics, developer Digital Extremes revealed.

Starting things off in February is Nightwave: Intermission 3. It goes live on February 1 and brings about new acts, reintroduces some past rewards, duplicates protection, and more. Digital Extremes didn’t go into much detail about Intermission 3 during the livestream.

The series of Warframe content continues with the Star Days event, which goes live from February 11-24. The event is centered around debt collector Ticker, whose store will get a variety of themed items such as glyphs, floofs, and other cosmetics. On top of this event, Digital Extremes will enable wings as a permanent cosmetic for all Frames. They are customizable, from wing style to feather color, and ephemeral, meaning they will become transparent to ensure they don’t obstruct viewing angles when players aim down sights.

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