Halo, Call Of Duty Co-Developer Certain Affinity Announces New IP Of Its Own


Certain Affinity, an independent developer founded by Bungie veterans that has worked as a support studio on various Halo and Call of Duty projects, has announced it’s working on a new IP of its own. The Austin, Texas-based outfit confirmed this in a blog post, but unfortunately, the company is not able to share any specifics about the project at this stage.

“Are we excited to take on a genre and style of game that we’ve always loved? Thrilled beyond words! Are we honored to be bringing this game to market? Indescribably so! Are there any other tantalizing details regarding this new venture? More than we can say! And we mean that quite literally: the particulars of this new game are still VERY much under wraps,” Certain Affinity said. “All we can say for now is that this ambitious new project is the culmination of our goals to steadily and healthily grow a world-class team to create an original IP.”

Certain Affinity has 250+ employees already at its Texas and Toronto offices, but the company is looking to grow even further. The company has numerous open positions on its careers page for both the new IP and its other co-development projects for AAA games from other studios.

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