Attack on Titan: Assassin’s Bullet Explained


SPOILER ALERT! Attack on Titan drops some bombshells on us yet again with Episode 67, "Assassin’s Bullet". The last few episodes have been packed with action, but now we’re starting to see things settle down a little bit revealing even more mysteries! What the hell is going on? What’s Eren’s plan with the Founding Titan? What’s next for the Scouts? There’s so much to dig into! Before we do though, we’re about to dive right into spoiler territory. So if you haven’t seen "Assassin’s Bullet" yet, avert your eyes and cover your ears before going any further!

In AoT S4 episode 67, we see a helpless Reiner attempting to carry on after what he’s done. A reunion of many people including, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Hange, Connie, Jean, and Sasha. Not only that but we also learn more about Zeke and what happened to him. In addition, the tension between Eren and the rest of the Scouts is pretty high. So much so that Hange is putting him in his place. We do have a major Attack on Titan death this episode but you can learn more about that in the video. Overall, it’s a big episode and we’ll see what happens next week on Attack on Titan episode 68, "Brave Volunteers".

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