Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Started As Standalone First-Person Shooter


At the height of Mass Effect’s popularity, EA and BioWare toyed with making a standalone first-person shooter multiplayer game. The project was called Mass Effect: Team Assault, or META, and it was the prototype that eventually became the multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3.

The Gamer reports that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition project lead Mac Walters and designer Patrick Moran explained the canceled project during previews for the upcoming compilation. Moran said that the project was planned to be a digital-only multiplayer game like Battlefield 1943.

“[Mass Effect: Team Assault] was the foundation of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, incubated at BioWare Montreal,” Moran said. “EA really wanted to see a multiplayer experience in the Mass Effect world. Once it had momentum as a standalone title, the design team in Edmonton advocated for and was able to pull multiplayer back to Edmonton, effectively cancelling Mass Effect: Team Assault.”

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