Thanks To New Patch, Destruction AllStars’ Lobby Chat Is Now Blessedly Silent


One of the most annoying problems with Destruction AllStars, PS5’s exclusive hero-focused demolition derby game, has been fixed. Now, when you jump into the game for some car-filled mayhem, you’ll no longer have to listen to everyone else in the lobby.

Destruction AllStars Hotfix 1.2.2 disables multiplayer lobby voice chat by default for all players. This means that no one will be able to hear you if you accidentally leave the DualSense mic on, nor will you hear anyone else.

If you want to hear the voices of the people you’re playing with, you’ll have to now actually party up with them. This really only makes sense for Destruction AllStars’ two eight-vs-eight modes, Carnado and Stockpile. We can’t foresee folks wanting to party chat for the one-vs-one Gridfall and Mayhem modes–though, now that we think about it, team-focused variations on those two modes would be pretty cool.

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