Final Fantasy 14’s new expansion, Endwalker, revealed

Image: Square Enix

To the moon!

The Final Fantasy 14 development team revealed the next expansion for the massively multiplayer game, titled Endwalker, which is slated for release sometime in fall 2021.

The new expansion’s trailer showcased the Warrior of Light as a Paladin, helping the twins Alisae and Alphinaud fight. Notably, Alphinaud was sporting a new weapon: a kind of laser-blasting contraptions called Nouliths that floated above his back. Final Fantasy 14 producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that Alphinaud was demonstrating one of the two new jobs coming in Endwalker, a healer, Sage. The other new job coming will be a melee DPS.

The trailer also showed the Warrior of Light walking on the moon, so it’s entirely possible that some Final Fantasy 4-inspired story is going to take place during this expansion. We’ve seen enemies on the moon in previous storylines, so I guess it’s time to fire up some kind of rocket ship.

Patch 5.5, the final patch of the Shadowbringers expansion, will be released at a future date, and should set up the story leading into Endwalker. The new expansion will focus on the Garlean Empire, one of the long-standing antagonists from Final Fantasy 14. Now that our heroes have returned from The First, they can once again focus on taking down Garlemald and reunite with their other allies.

All of this information usually drops at Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festivals that take place around the world. The 2020 Fan Fests were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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