EA Bought The Kim Kardashian Game Company Because Mobile Is Bigger Than Console And PC


Electronic Arts recently paid $2.1 billion to acquire prolific mobile game developer GluMobile, which makes Kim Kardashian’s mobile game and so many others, and now EA’s CEO has shed some additional light on the purchase.

Speaking to GI.biz, Andrew Wilson said EA bought Glu because his company wants to grow, and mobile is the way to do that. EA also wants to make more money from microtransactions and live services and this is the bread and butter of Glu. Mobile is also bigger than console and PC, which is why EA is pushing to invest more.

“Mobile is the biggest platform in gaming today, and we’re committed to growth,” Wilson said. “We have great confidence in our existing live services and new mobile games in development, and with Glu we have an opportunity to bring together teams with complementary product portfolios and capabilities that will lead to even more great games.”

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