Destiny 2 Harbinger Paracausal Feather Locations – Week 1 (Feb 9-16)


The Season of the Hunt may be over, but Destiny 2‘s tough Exotic mission, Harbinger, is still available in the game. In addition to fighting through some tough battles, you can also hunt through the mission for Paracausal Feathers to complete the Bird of Prey mission. Their locations rotate each week, but fortunately for you, we’ve scoured the EDZ’s Reservoir and located all five of this week’s feathers. You’ll find them all in the guide below.

Completing Harbinger earns you fresh rolls of the powerful Exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon, and if you complete Bird of Prey by earning 100 Paracausal Feathers, you can unlock a special Exotic ship called Radiant Accipiter. Don’t worry, though–you earn additional feathers by beating bosses in Harbinger, and finding the hidden feathers adds even more to your total. If you find them all this week, expect to finish Harbinger with around 37 feathers. Read on for the complete list of where to find this week’s feathers.

Paracausal Feather 1: Catwalk Near The Taken Centurion Emissary

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