Spiritfarer Is Getting A Trio Of Free DLC Drops Throughout 2021


Spiritfarer is getting a bunch of free additional content throughout 2021, including new spirits to befriend, additional story beats, more crafting options, and more.

Developer Thunder Lotus Games outlined an extensive DLC release schedule, with three content drops planned for spring, summer, and fall. The first will introduce Lily, a new spirit that was alluded to in the main game with a close and personal connection to protagonist Stella. This release will also include “improved co-op,” additional story content for Stella, and various quality-of-life improvements. Thunder Lotus makes mention of a polished UI and fishing for its co-op improvements, but not much else about what might be changing.

The Summer update will also include a new spirit named Beverly, once a neighbor of Stella. It will also introduce a new Archive Room on your ship where Stella can inspect Acetate Sheets, a new collectible that will also be added. This update will also include more quality-of-life updates.

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