Reggie Fils-Aime Disappointed By E3 Transformation News, But Wants It To Be A Digital Show


Former Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has shared his thoughts on the E3 2021 plan that was recently leaked–and he’s not very excited about it.

In an interview with GamerTag Radio, Fils-Aime said the ESA–which organizes E3 every year–is on the right track by making E3 2021 a digital show. However, the nature in which it has been described so far leaves a lot to be desired in Fils-Aime’s eyes. As the president of Nintendo of America, Fils-Aime sat at the table and worked alongside his industry peers to discuss a plan for E3, but he no longer works at Nintendo and is outside of those conversations. Still, Fils-Aime said he has a number of ideas for how E3 2021 could go ahead as a digital show, with publishers and fans alike getting something good out of it.

“I think that E3 as an event and a moment in time where new content is shared and celebrated, I think that is truly magical for the global games business,” he said. “I saw the same [leaked E3 2021 plans], and look, I’m outside of those meetings, I’m outside of the discussions, but I have to say: what I read, to me, doesn’t sound all that compelling. If I were king for a day, I’ll tell ya how I would do it. I do think doing this digitally is absolutely right, and the reason for that is, there is more than the 60,000 people who would typically attend an E3, there are millions more interested in finding out what’s going on.”

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