Valheim Boar Guide: How To Tame And Breed These Wild Hogs


In Valheim, you’re likely to want to tame wild boars. After all, when you first find the stone message that implies it’s possible to do so, how could you not want to work toward becoming a Viking beastmaster? Fortunately, taming boars is incredibly useful in maintaining your survival too.

Below we detail how to tame boards and what benefits doing so provides you. If you’re more curious about general tips, be sure to check out our Valheim beginner’s guide. Otherwise, read on!

How To Tame And Breed Boars

Boars are easy enough to find and kill, but if you want to tame them, you’ll need to do a few things first. To begin with, you’ll need to build a basic pen and make it large enough to hold several hogs. Though try not to place the pen anywhere near torches, as boars are afraid of fire and won’t want anything to do with you if you’ve got them around.

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