KontrolFreek Precision Rings Line Expands With Softer Set, Improving Controller Aim And Accuracy


While a keyboard and mouse are generally considered a better option for games where precision is needed, accessories brand KontrolFreek aims to improve the precision of controller gaming with its line of Precision Rings. Originally launched in 2019 with two resistance options, hard and medium, KontrolFreek’s Precision Rings are tiny circular foam pieces that slip around the thumbsticks on your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch controller to provide more resistance to your movements, which is particularly helpful in shooters when you need to take careful aim. Now, KontrolFreek is expanding the line with a new soft option, which provides less resistance than the medium and hard versions.

Ahead of this announcement, I got the chance to try out all three Precision Ring options. The rings slip easily around each of your thumbsticks, settling into the little groove below. Fortunately, they’re easy to remove as well, but take care that you don’t pull on them too hard–I did manage to break one of mine. Once a ring is added to each thumbstick, you’ll feel much more resistance as you try to move the stick in any direction. The difference between each level of resistance is extremely subtle, but I found myself preferring the new soft rings as they allowed for slightly better movement. However, I still found that using the Precision Rings on their own with the default thumbsticks made me feel as though I couldn’t maneuver or turn as fast, though my aim and precision was improved.

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