Watch the first bloody trailer for Mortal Kombat

Photo: Mark Rogers/Warner Bros. Pictures

Red band trailer teases the HBO Max film’s R-rated violence

Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat movie reboot is almost here — and now we have our first full look at director Simon McQuoid’s upcoming film, thanks to a new trailer. It’s a restricted “red band” trailer, meaning that it’s got some Mortal Kombat-style violence: Jax getting dismembered, Scorpion throwing spears through people’s heads, and Kano ripping out some unlucky character’s heart.

The trailer is also a handy introduction to the cast. Virtually everyone introduces themselves by name. And virtually every well-known kombatant is here, from Scorpion and Sub-Zero to Shang Tsung and Goro.

Mortal Kombat stars an original character named Cole Young, a mixed martial arts fighter who bears a mysterious birthmark — one in the shape of the Mortal Kombat dragon logo — and gets wrapped up in the whole “Mortal Kombat” thing between Outworld and Earthrealm. Cole is targeted by Sub-Zero, the ninja cryomancer sent from Outworld by Shang Tsung. But with a little help from Raiden, Cole will join a special group of fighters that presents a threat to Shang Tsung, which includes Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Jax, and Sonya Blade.

McQuoid and screenwriter Greg Russo have indicated that the new Mortal Kombat will not be a PG-13 affair. Instead, expect violent R-rated action and fatalities on film when the movie hits theaters and streams on HBO Max on April 16.

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