Apple Has Now Dragged Valve Into Its Fight Against Epic


As part of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic games–which may be heading to trial this year–a new filing has disclosed that Apple subpoenaed Valve Software back in November. The subpoena demanded that Valve provide multiple years worth of commercial data about Steam operations and sales.

Apple’s reasoning for the subpoena was basically that since its case is built around competitive practices, this data from Steam would be key to demonstrating the company’s points. Apple’s argument is being handled by the law firm of McDermott, Will and Lowery, and states that the data from Valve is relevant to its case against Epic because “Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam, is the dominant digital game distributor on the PC platform and is a direct competitor to the Epic Game Store.”

There are two requests within the subpoena in particular that have been causing tension between Valve and Apple. According to a joint discovery letter that was submitted to the Northern California District Court yesterday, “Apple and Valve have engaged in several meet and confers, but Valve has refused to produce information responsive to Requests 2 and 32.”

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