Metallica’s BlizzCon Performance Ruined By Twitch


BlizzCon veterans Metallica returned for this year’s only-only BlizzConline festivities, but the thrash metal band’s performance was ruined by a most unlikely culprit: Twitch. Right in the middle of one of its songs, the audio was replaced by some easy listening bell music, presumably to avoid having Blizzard banned for a false DMCA notice.

The clip, which esports expert Rod Breslau shared on Twitter, shows the band rocking out, with lead guitarist Kirk Hammett shredding, completely unaware that people were hearing what sounded like the main menu theme for a Teletubbies game.

Several commenters online have pointed out the irony of this happening to Metallica. The band, particularly drummer Lars Ulrich, has been heavily critical of online music sharing, and the band had a high-profile case with Napster back in 2000.

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