Dying Light 2 Studio Techland Accused Of Toxic Work Environment, Limiting Creativity


Dying Light 2 developer Techland is reportedly a turmoil-filed and often-toxic place to work, with multiple developers blaming leadership for poor feedback and inappropriate behavior. The problems could be exacerbated because the current HR lead is also the CEO’s spouse.

Speaking to The Gamer, multiple developers said an artist had been given homophobic feedback regarding a piece of work they had turned in. CEO Pawel Marchewka responded by saying his team has “lively” talks as they are iterating games, did not deny that such words could have been used while giving feedback, and said the team would “remind our employees to make sure they communicate appropriately.”

However, the report found that this wasn’t a one-off issue, with misogynistic statements made during meetings, but because Marchewka’s wife Aleksandra Marchewka is head of HR, it makes it more difficult to raise these types of issues. Turnover has been high at the studio, with sources saying that you must be “subservient” in order to have a long career there.

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