PixelJunk Raiders Is Coming Exclusively To Stadia On March 1


PixelJunk Raiders has been announced as the next exclusive game for Google Stadia, and it will launch on March 1. A third-person rogue-like adventure, PixelJunk Raiders is inspired by 1970s sci-fi and has been “exclusively developed to take full advantage of Stadia’s revolutionary features” such as State Share according to developer Q-Games.

“In PixelJunk Raiders, players take on the role of an ambitious young mercenary sent down to the surface of Planet Tantal to rescue the indigenous Tantallian race from a mysterious Anomaly and the invading alien forces emerging from it,” PixelJunk Raider’s official synopsis reads. “The arrival of the Anomaly has interfered with conventional travel, our brave but inexperienced mercenary must make use of the SYRIX 1200 avatar system to rescue the inhabitants and investigate the reasons for the Anomaly’s sudden appearance. With limited aid and armaments, the mercenary must scavenge what weapons and resources they can in order to survive.”

PixelJunk Raiders will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers, or it can be purchased for $20 on the Stadia Store. Stadia’s latest exclusive comes just weeks after Google announced that it was no longer developing games and would soon close down its Los Angeles and Montreal studios. Stadia and Stadia Pro platforms will remain operational, as Google instead focuses on locking down third-party studios for exclusive deals.

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