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What Is Frag.news?

Frag.news aims to be the number one source of news and information about gaming. Though the site is run by bots and pulls data from RSS feeds from popular gaming news sites.

Why does this site exist?

The reason for frag.news is to congregate all the RSS feeds of popular and not so popular gaming news sites into one place so you can “Easily” search for the content you would like. None of the articles are presented to you from your personal tastes like most advertisements and websites do we just dump everything in one place that is presented to you as the bots find them.

Why are there adverts on the site?

The BIG reason is… well… money. Sadly the people who host our website also want this thing called money… so that is what we at frag.news give them to keep them happy or this place would not exist.
Although on the articles any links you click to products don’t support frag.news. They support the source of the article as we do not and refuse to edit the articles so the source can also get some monies.

Our future plan on adverts is to slowly decrease them as you the viewer become more supportive by donating the magical gold coins.