Amazon UK PS5 Customers Report Getting Everything Except The Console Itself

Some UK customers have reported that their preordered PlayStation 5 from Amazon is turning up on their doorstep filled with random items unrelated to the console itself.

This is according to a Eurogamer report, which states that many eager fans have noticed that their Amazon boxes containing the PS5 have been tampered with. Instead of using the signature Amazon tape the company is known for, these boxes appear to be sealed with clear tape. And upon opening their packages, customers have claimed that their PS5 is missing.

Rather than there being a shiny new PlayStation console inside the box, UK customers have said they received an assortment of items, from air fryers to nerf guns to foot massagers. On several occasions, according to a Reddit thread, Amazon UK drivers would pull up to residents’ houses, pause for a moment in the driveway, and then drive off. This prompts a “package delivered” message sent to the recipient despite them not actually receiving a package of any kind. Some have been able to track down their console by chasing the delivery driver down the block, while many others are still waiting for Amazon UK support to assuage the situation.

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