Destiny 2: Beyond Light Players Are Hitting The Light Power Soft Cap In An Hour

Like any RPG, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is primarily focused on increasing your power. This is achieved by equipping gear with a higher power level than what your Guardian is currently wearing, the stats of which all contribute towards your overall Light level.

Currently, the new soft power cap is 1200, and within a day of the Beyond Light expansion, players have already found a shortcut that reaches that level in record time. The exploit involves visiting one of the earliest Lost Sectors in the game, Widow’s Walk, in the Trostland section of the European Dead Zone. Filled with a number of Fallen enemies, this Lost Sector is also home to a high-value target wanted boss who’ll always drop gear that’s 10 levels higher in power than what you currently have.

Because Lost Sectors also refresh whenever you leave them, you’re able to quickly exit, reset the zone, and repeat the process until you’ve reached the 1200 level cap within 60-90 minutes. At that point, the Fallen Captain will no longer drop high-level gear and you’ll have to grind Pinnacle events to become even more powerful. If you’re playing Destiny 2 on PS5 or Xbox Series X/Series S, the process is even quicker thanks to the faster loading times on those next-gen consoles.

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