Destiny 2: Where To Find All 15 Vex Transformers


Once you start digging into the content found in Destiny 2‘s newly released Season of Dawn, you’ll quickly take on quests for Osiris, the exiled Warlock and Vex expert on Mercury. Osiris is with unforeseen fallout from the Vex Offensive on the moon in the Season of the Undying, which just concluded. Fighting the Vex on the moon saved one of the solar system’s locations, but your battles with the time-traveling robots has literally broken time on Mercury.

To fix it, you’ll fight through various time periods linked together by Osiris’s big time travel machine, the Sundial. As you complete runs of the Sundial, you’ll earn new weapons torn from different timelines–including Perfect Paradox, the shotgun of the legendary Guardian, Saint-14. Once you have the gun, you’ll unlock a new quest, and one of the first steps to completing it requires you to find and destroy something called “Vex Transformers.”

There are 15 Vex Transformers scattered across three planets, and you’ll need to find and shoot them all to move the quest forward. The transformers, which are white, glowing Vex cubes, are well-hidden and can be tough to track down, but you have an edge–all the transformers are marked on your map to give you an idea of where to look. We’ve located all the transformers on each of the planets to give you a hand. Here’s where to find all the Vex Transformers so you can get Osiris’ time machine functioning.

Transformers On Mercury

Mercury — Behind The Lighthouse

Your first Vex Transformer looks like it’s in the Lighthouse on Mercury, but it’s actually located around the back of it. Climb up the outside of the Lighthouse and you’ll find an easily traversable area, complete with an Elite Cabal Colossus. When you get about halfway around, look up. You’ll find the cube snuggled against the Lighthouse wall.

Mercury — Across The Chasm

Next, you’ll want to head south and east from the Lighthouse, toward one of the two round towers located on either side of the map. You’ll recognize these spots from the Mercury public event, but you don’t need to wait for one in order to reach the Vex Transformer. Instead, look out from the edge of the map toward the tower to the east. You should see the cube right in the center, and you can destroy it with any ranged weapon.

Mercury — Behind The Waterfall

Head toward the center of the map from where you just stood. You should see a Vex Hydra and some Harpies trading shots with Cabal invaders, near a white Radiolarian waterfall that cascades down from the structure above. You want to go toward the white Radiolarian pond where the waterfall ends. You’ll see a blank wall just behind the waterfall; walk around the side of it to find a gap, which hides the transformer.

Mercury — Above The Infinite Forest Gate

This one’s easy. Look toward the big triangular portal at the south end of the map, through which you travel to reach the Infinite Forest. The transformer is floating high above it, and you can hit it from most any place on the map with a weapon with decent range.

Mercury — Along The Edge

Head to the west side of the map for your last transformer. If you look over the side, you’ll see that you can drop down to a small ledge just below the upper edge. Drop down and look for the transformer peeking out from the wall, making it easy to destroy.

Transformers On Nessus

Nessus — In The Chamber Of Sky (Exodus Black)

Start at the Exodus Black transmat zone and head east into a small tunnel near some Vex Harpies. As you head inside, you’ll see a Vex gate inside and some enemies hanging around. Look straight up to find the transformer overhead.

Nessus — Among The Debris (Glade Of Echoes)

Next, use your Sparrow to get to the Glade of Echoes. Head into the center of the area (use the map to guide you toward the “X” that marks the transformer) and look for a squared-off piece of metal with a walkway above, where some Fallen are hanging out. The transformer is just inside, but can be tough to spot from the outside.

Nessus — Near Artifact’s Edge

This one is deceptively easy. Use the Artifact’s Edge transmat zone, but don’t jump down. Instead, pull a 180 to look behind you. You’ll see the transformer sitting over a flat plane in the distance. Use a ranged weapon to take it out.

Nessus — Down In The Hallows

From Artifact’s Edge, take your Sparrow toward the Hallows and drop into the big round cistern there. Continue through the tunnels toward the marker and watch the wall on the left side of the area. The transformer is tucked into a small, round alcove that makes it tough to spot as you move past it, but you’ll be able to spot it when looking at the wall straight on.

Nessus — Under The Tree (The Tangle)

Your last transformer is in The Tangle. Follow the map toward the marker, and you may find you can’t locate the transformer. It’s underneath a nearby tree that’s covered in red vines and moss. Slip beneath it to find the cube and destroy it.

Transformers On Io

Io — Outskirts Of The Pyramidion

Start at the transmat zone in The Rupture near Asher Mir. Head south from the zone along the western wall toward the marker on your map. You’ll see a big column stretching down from the Pyramidion near the marker. Head behind it and look up to find the transformer hidden in one of the gaps in the structure.

Io — Circle Of Bones

Back near the transmat zone, head toward the Circle of Bones Lost Sector north of where you spawn in. Continue through the Lost Sector until you are able to climb up onto the big flat rock in the center of the area. Don’t jump across toward the end of the Lost Sector yet, though; instead, turn left and look for a small tunnel off to the side from the main path. Hop inside and you’ll find the transformer waiting for you.

Io — Under The Big Tree (Lost Oasis)

Head to Lost Oasis next. The marker is situated right on top of the large tree in the center of the area; head there, then go beneath the stump and look up. The transformer is right out in the open and easy to spot.

Io — Inside Terrabase Charon

From Lost Oasis, travel north toward Terrabase Charon. Follow the tunnel until you enter the base proper. Stop at the very first door you enter–you may even spot the transformer as you do. It’s up on a ledge, behind a box, but you’ll be able to see it as you approach the area.

Io — Excavation Site II (Giant’s Scar)

Now use the transmat zone in Giant’s Scar. Head to the eastern wall of the area to find the doorway into the excavation site. Keep going inside, past the Taken enemies you find there. As you approach the marker on the map, look for a door partially open with debris blocking it. Just inside, hidden from view, is the transformer.