Marvel’s Avengers Now Has An AI Ping System Following Latest Update

Marvel’s Avengers has received an update, and it’s added a useful new ping system that will make guiding your AI companions easier. Patch V1.3.6 is now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and is coming to Stadia at a later date. The update also adds numerous fixes to the game.

The new ping system currently only works with AI companions, but it gives you more control over their actions. Players can toggle pings with the D-pad, and can set AI fighters onto specific enemies, or have them focus on hacking or smashing doors while the player deals with something else.

The system allows players to have a bit more control over situations they might find themselves in. While there’s currently not an equivalent system for the game’s co-op, developer Crystal Dynamics promises that it “will be implementing additional functionalities in future phases of the ping system”.

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