Rainbow Six Siege–Latest Test Server Patch Makes A Major Change To Ying

Rainbow Six Siege is testing out a major change for one of its operators with the latest test server patch. Ying, an operator introduced back in Year 2, is ditching her frag grenades in favor of a claymore.

The notes for this patch on Reddit explain the rationale behind this decision: “We still feel we want to emphasize her teamwork, and are making a few adjustments while she’s on the TS to gather some more data.” There’s no guarantee that this change will make its way over into the game proper, but if it tests well, it just might.

Significant reworks that change weapons are rare in Rainbow Six Siege, although recently the developers announced that Tachanka would be ditching the turret in favor of a grenade launcher. Obviously Ubisoft is doing something right, because the game is more popular than ever.

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